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图文1| 德国独幢别墅小住宅是如何建造的


(索默费尔德 (sommerfeld) 建造了一座宽敞的建筑住宅)

Sommerfeld wächst mit Kern-Haus!
(索默费尔德 (sommerfeld)与核心之家(Kern-Haus)一起成长!)

Die Bauherren wählten das Haus Komfort als Ideal für ihre Bedürfnisse.

Mit zwei Kinderzimmern, einer offenen Küche, einem Home-Office und zwei Bädern entspricht es genau den Vorstellungen der Familie.

Die Panoramagaube lässt viel Licht in die oberen Stockwerke.

Mit einer dezentralen Lüftungsanlage und einer innen aufgestellten Luft-Wasser-Wärmepumpe erfüllt das Haus zudem alle Anforderungen an ein KfW-Effizienzhaus 55.
(通过分散式通风系统和室内“空气 - 水热泵”,该住宅还满足了KfW Efficiency House 55的所有要求。)

特别增补下面一段关于“KfW Efficiency House 55——德国复兴信贷银行能源效率55”的内容,供参考。

Policy Type: Economic Instruments>Fiscal/financial incentives>Loans, Economic Instruments>Fiscal/financial incentives>Grants and subsidies, Economic Instruments

Energy Efficiency Policy Targets: Buildings, Building Type, Residential, Buildings, Existing buildings, Buildings, Energy Class, Buildings

Renewable Energy Policy Targets: Solar Thermal, Bioenergy, Biomass for heat, Geothermal, Heat

Policy Sector: Heating and Cooling(政策领域:供暖和制冷)

Agency: KfW; Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy

Funding: Funds for interest rate subsidy and investment grants were provided by the national budget until 2010; in 2011 funds were provided by national budget as well as by the Energy and Climate Fund and since 2012 exclusively by the Energy and Climate Fund.

Energy Efficiency Description:(能源效率说明:)

The programme provides funding for comprehensive modernisation measures (for residential buildings) for KfW Efficiency Houses (EH 55 to 115) and highly energy-efficient individual measures (including insulation of the building envelope, new windows, new heating systems).
(该计划为KfW效率住宅(EH 55至115)的综合现代化措施(住宅建筑)和高能效的个别措施(包括建筑围护结构、新窗户、新供暖系统)提供资金。)

Funding is made available for investment grants (a maximum of 30% of the investment costs or €30,000 per residential unit) or low-interest loans – combined with a repayment grant of up to 27.5%.
(资金可用于投资补助(最多30%的投资成本或每个住宅单位3万欧元)或低息贷款 —— 再加上偿还补助金高达27.5%。)

Renewable Energy Description:(可再生能源描述:)

The KfW energy-efficient rehabilitation programme for residential buildings offers long-term, low interest loans for rehabilitation or refurbishment measures aimed at reducing energy consumption, or the acquisition of a newly rehabilitated or refurbished building.
(在 KfW 节能改造方案为住宅楼宇提供长期的低息贷款,用于重建或修缮的措施,以减少能耗,或购买一个新的恢复或重新装修的建筑。)

Repayment grants are also provided if the home meets high KfW Efficiency House standards.
(如果住宅符合 KfW 效率之家的高标准, 也可提供还款补助金。)

In this context, provision of heating from biomass, heat pumps, and solar thermal sources are supported through the programme.

What is an ‘efficiency house’?(什么是效率住宅?)
If you’re interested in building or buying a house, chances are you will have come across the term ‘efficiency house’.


But what exactly are they?(但它到底是什么呢?)

And how can ‘efficiency houses’ help private households save energy and cash?

Those areas where we use the most energy are also the ones where there is a lot of potential for energy savings.

Private homes are no exception.|(私人住宅也不例外。)

Buildings account for almost 40 per cent of Germany’s final energy consumption.

Most of this energy is used for heating and hot water.

The German government wants to unlock the potential that lies dormant in the building stock and improve buildings’ energy performance.

It has set out an ambitious target of making buildings in Germany close to climate-neutral by 2050, meaning there should be virtually no carbon emissions from buildings anymore.
(它提出了一个雄心勃勃的目标,即到2050年使德国的建筑接近气候中性, 这意味着几乎不再有建筑物的碳排放。)

At the same time, primary energy demand, i.e. demand for fossil fuels such as oil and gas, is to be curbed by approx. 80 per cent.

This means that energy efficiency is a key aspect for homeowners and future homeowners to consider.

Making sure your home has a strong energy performance is good for the climate – and it can save you cash.
(确保你的住宅具有强大的对气候有利的能源性能 —— 它可以为你节省资金。)

What’s even better, if you’re building an energy-efficient house from scratch or improving your home’s energy performance, you’ll be eligible for some attractive funding.

One of the things to look out for is the ‘KfW Efficiency House’ standard.

Greater energy efficiency – more cash(更高的能源效率 —— 更多现金)

Germany’s Reconstruction Loan Corporation (KfW) provides financial support for homeowners who are having their home modernised to make it more energy-efficient, and for buyers who are investing in an energy-efficient home.
(德国重建贷款公司(KfW) / 德国复兴商业银行(KfW),为那些正在进行现代化改造以提高能源效率的房主以及投资于节能住宅的购房者提供财务支持。)

A ‘KfW Efficiency House’ is a house that meets a certain category of standards used by KfW to classify a building’s energy needs.
(“KfW效率住宅”是指符合 KfW 用于对建筑物的能源需求进行分类的某一类标准的住宅。)

The amount of funding you will get from KfW will partly depend on what standard of efficiency house you have opted for.

The ‘KfW Efficiency House’ standard is based on two parameters: the annual energy needs of the building and the amount of heat that is allowed to escape through poorly insulated windows and exterior walls etc.

There is regulation defining minimum standards that all new buildings must comply with (Energy Saving Ordinance).

These standards set the benchmark for the ‘KfW Efficiency House 100’.

But it’s possible to build houses that are even more energy-efficient- Let’s see how this works:
(但是有可能建造更节能的住宅 —— 让我们看看它是如何工作的:)

A ‘KfW Efficiency House 100’ meets all of the statutory minimum requirements; an ‘Efficiency House 70’ needs no more than 70 per cent of the energy that an ‘ Efficiency House 100’ would need; an ‘Efficiency House 55’ needs even less than that – a mere 55 per cent of what the ‘Efficiency House 100’ needs.
("KfW 效率之住宅 100" 符合所有法定最低要求;“效率住宅70”所需能量不超过“效率住宅100”所需能量的70%;“效率住宅55”的需求甚至比这还要少——仅占“效率住宅100”需求的55%。)

As you can see, smaller numbers stand for greater energy efficiency.

KfW provides funding for the construction of new residential buildings that meet the ‘Efficiency House 40, 55 or 70’ standards.

The rule-of-thumb is, the less energy a new building uses, the higher the KfW grant.

Or, where loans are concerned, the more energy-efficient the building after modernisation, the smaller the portion of the KfW loan that needs to be paid back.

And, of course, if you decide to build a new efficiency house or modernise your home to increase its energy performance, you will make savings on your energy bills.

As you can see, there are many good reasons to look at a building’s KfW efficiency standard before deciding to buy a house or start modernisation work.

And don’t forget that when you plan to apply for KfW funding, you should always consult one of the independent energy efficiency experts featured on the official list of energy efficiency experts for federal programmes .
(不要忘记,当你计划申请 KfW 资金时,你应该咨询能源效率专家官方名单上的一位独立的能源效率专家,以获取联邦计划。)

These experts can also act as supervisors overseeing the actual construction/modernisation work.
(这些专家还可以担任监督员,监督实际的施工 / 现代化工作。)